Sunday, July 5, 2015

2 already??

Not even a thousand days on earth yet, but thousands of ways that you've made our house a home. Thousands of ways that you make our hearts swell with joy and pride. Thousands of reasons we are always going to be grateful. Thousands of dreams you've planted in our heads.

- Your smile can wipe away any stress, worry or pain in this world.

- Your eyes - they twinkle when you laugh your cute little laugh

- Your crooked front teeth are the cutest crooked teeth in the world

- Your curls - oh your curls! Each strand has us wrapped around it so tight. 

- Your cute little "monkeyisms" - how you celebrate every little thing, throw your arms in the air and say "Yay!!"

- Your toddler language - here's what you say these days: "Now talking!" (instead of "Now we're talking!"), "Areh dhutt", "Chalo!", "I'll get it", "Why? Why? Why?", "I want", "You sit down!", "I love you", "I miss you", "Oh teri!", "Gi Gaya" (instead of "Gir Gaya")...and the list goes on...

- Your music. It resides in your soul. You first amazed us by singing along to baby songs and nursery rhymes. Then you amazed us by singing those songs when they weren't playing. In perfect tune, with the words clearly spoken. And then you completely blew us away by singing along to Hindi songs! We're yet to recover from the shock of hearing you sing "Main tennu samjhawan ki"! 

- Your kisses and cuddles - do you know how dearly we love each time you climb up behind us, hug us and say "I love you"? 

- The list goes on and gets longer every day. Our love for you grows everyday, and our gratitude for you grows everyday.

We're dreaming, we're smiling, we're taking in every minute of the joy in our hearts. And it's all because of you. And then, all of a sudden, it's your 2nd birthday! Happy Happy birthday my little "Monkey Jaan", my little "Bubba Jaan", my little "Cuddle Bug". (You're still young, so I can call you all these names and you can't sulk or fight!). Smile on, my little monkey man. And spread the smiles. You know you light up a room when you walk into it. May you always shine bright. May you always be happy.